We Are Cabbage Brothers !

At Cabbage Brothers we have a passion for all things Cannabis! We are very proud to offer the best legal cannabis on the market, and the most professional and informed customer service available anywhere.

We strive to stock a wide range of quality Cannabis Products to provide for any type of user on any occasion, and to set the industry standard for recreational cannabis guidance.

Cabbage Brothers is family owned and operated and we love giving back to our community. Our family has lived in and around Hamilton for generations, ever since arriving in Canada from Italy in the 1950’s.

Since that time, we have been involved in many local businesses and are thrilled to be one of the first legal cannabis retailers in Ontario!

We first opened our doors on April 26, 2019 after a speedy initiation into the Cannabis Industry as beneficiaries of the 1st round Cannabis Retail Lottery.

Some of our earlier customers may remember us by a different name, but in the spirit of family and with inspiration from our community we have rebranded as Cabbage Brothers!

At Cabbage Brothers we love to watch our staff grow into bigger and better roles.

As such, we are thrilled to focus on promoting from within and of course we are very proud to pay all our staff a living wage.

Cabbage Brothers also keenly understands the importance of supporting our local community, we endeavour to share our successes with and display our gratitude for the community that we call home.

Thank you again for visiting our website, we hope to see you in store soon!

Please stay tuned as we continue to grow our business, we look forward to sprouting new Cabbage Brothers Cannabis Stores near you!