June 11th REOPENING UPDATE: We are now OPEN for in store purchases, as well as Curbside & Delivery 🛒

Cabbage Brothers has a FRESH new look!

Cabbage Brothers has a FRESH new look!

If you haven’t noticed we have been casually slipping in some logo & colour changes over the past few weeks - new gift cards, BIC lighters, and toques with a logo that was familiar, but different. 

Welcome to our Cabbage Brothers refreshed logo! We got rid of the cabbage (or maybe a radicchio as some have pointed out) , updated our font, and modernized our colour palette for 2021. 

We chose colours that were not necessarily masculine, and not feminie, but more inclusive for everyone. As we realized that’s who is coming through our door, everyone.


 Updated Colour Palette:

Mango: We loved the bright aspects of our former branding, so having a colour that would ‘pop’ was important. Warmer colours like this are linked with confidence & optimism. Bye-bye drab yellow and hello Mango!

Cyber Grape: Who doesn’t love purple? Studies show purple can entice creativity and make people feel cozy. Purple can also be associated with feeling luxurious, which we love to make our customers feel like, every time they visit us. 

Polished Pine: Our newest addition, Polished Pine. This piney, minty colour can be associated with peace, growth & health. The blue-ish hues inspire trust.