June 11th REOPENING UPDATE: We are now OPEN for in store purchases, as well as Curbside & Delivery 🛒

Thriving as a locally-run cannabis store during a pandemic

Thriving as a locally-run cannabis store during a pandemic

our experience as a local, family-run cannabis store during the COVID-19 pandemic.

First off, we want to give a shout out to all front-line workers, first responders, and anyone putting their health at risk to protect others. We thank you. We also want to thank our team at Cabbage Brothers for stepping up and working hard to protect the health and safety of those around them. Also while providing an essential service to the community.

Flash back to mid- March, when the state of emergency was first called, there was so much confusion whether we would be forced to close or not. The rumour mill worked around the clock, however in the end, cannabis retail stores in Ontario were declared an essential service. In less than two years, the sale of recreational Cannabis went from an illegal act to an essential service. With that said, among the confusion, the Ontario Government did mandate a temporary shutdown of all legal cannabis stores – luckily, and to the relief of many, when the shutdown was lifted we were able to open again for curbside pickup within a matter of days.

With all that said, let’s take a look at the changes that we’ve made in store over the past few months! Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Cabbage Brothers have kept a close eye on the recommendations of Public Health officials and have ensured that our cleaning and physical distancing practices have gone above and beyond government recommendations. Customers visiting the store will find several measures in place designed to protect public health, not to mention the happy and helpful service that you’ve come to expect from us over the past year!

Presently, with restrictions beginning to soften, we have started welcoming customers back into our store! We have installed plexi-glass barriers at our points of sale to keep everyone safe. You’ll also notice we’ve upped our physical distancing game with large custom decals on the floor, reminding you to keep your distance. We know that a lot of the experience of purchasing cannabis happens in store, so we are going to do our best to ensure everyone is safe and protected while shopping with us.

The past few months have been a unique challenge, and as an independent retailer with no big corporate stakeholders, we are extremely proud to continue offering the BEST cannabis retail experience in Ontario, and extremely thankful for the support of our customers and community partners. After all, without people like you (yes you!) who knows how a family business like ours would have fared in a global health and economic crisis such as this.

We look forward to seeing you all again, in this “new normal”!

- Team Cabbage