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dual purpose vaporizer

How to Use a Dual-Purpose Vaporizer

If you want to have the option of consuming both dried cannabis flower and extracts with one accessory, then a dual-purpose vaporizer may be a good choice. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

How to Use a Dual-Purpose Vaporizer

  • Dual-purpose vaporizers can be used with both dried cannabis flower and cannabis extracts.
  • Vaporizing is a smoke-free alternative for consuming cannabis because the extract is heated to produce a vapour.
  • Certain types of extracts contain high concentrations of THC. Start low and go slow.

One way to consume cannabis extracts is by using a vaporizer. Although these devices come in quite a few different sizes and types, including those specifically for use with extracts and dried flower, here are some useful recommendations to get you started with a versatile dual-purpose vaporizer.

What is a dual-purpose vaporizer?

All vaporizers work essentially the same way: The cannabis is heated to a temperature that’s high enough to activate the THC and CBD (a process called “decarboxylation”) without burning it. The resulting vapour is then inhaled.

Your preferred cannabis format will determine the type of vaporizer you can use. Dried flower vaporizers are for use with ground dried cannabis; extract-specific vaporizers can only be used with extracts. If you want the ability to switch between formats, then a dual-purpose vaporizer, which can be used with both dried flower and cannabis extracts, is a good choice.

Which extracts can I use?

Cannabis extracts (also commonly called concentrates) are produced by processing cannabis flower into a concentrated form. Hash, rosin, shatter, wax, kief and live resin can be consumed in an extract-specific or a dual-purpose vaporizer.

How much you should use depends on the product: For hash and kief, start with a pinch (roughly the size of a dime), and for rosin, shatter, wax and live resin, use less than the size of a lentil.

Health Canada warns that certain types of cannabis extracts, such as hash, kief, wax and shatter, contain high concentrations of THC. Always check the label for the product’s strength and consider selecting products with a low amount of THC and an equal or higher amount of CBD. To minimize the risk of overconsumption, Health Canada recommends starting with a low amount and proceeding slowly until you understand how your body reacts.

Descriptive Video: How to Use a Dual-Purpose Vaporizer

How do I use it?

There are just a few steps required to use a dual-purpose vaporizer. Your device may vary in terms of parts and settings; check the manufacturer’s instructions before you begin. Here are the basics.

  1. Load it. Either add dried cannabis flower to the chamber or add an extract to the extract insert and position it in the device. (It’s recommended to use a small amount of extract.)
  2. Turn it on. Turn on the device and adjust the temperature to your liking.
  3. Pull lightly on the mouthpiece.
  4. Clean it. When the vaporizer has dried, use cleaning tools and/or solution to remove any remaining residue.





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